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Professional landscapers and homeowners alike use mulch to protect trees and plants. When you use a large amount of mulch, you need to purchase it in bulk. At John Guire, we offer a variety of different types of mulch in Monmouth County. We have an abundant supply that is ready for you to pick up at our convenient New Jersey location. 

How Do You Use Mulch?

Place a layer of mulch around the base of trees and shrubs to keep moisture at the roots. Mulch can protect the bottom of the tree. Make sure that you use about 3 inches of mulch around the entire perimeter of the tree, and place an additional layer of mulch around all of the landscape plants in the garden.

Mulch needs to be replaced every year. It is a natural, organic product, and it wears away and fades after some time. It is a good idea to replace mulch every spring, and then check it in the fall to improve the overall condition of your landscape plants.

Types of Mulch in Monmouth County

We currently carry three main types of mulch in Monmouth County, including black, brown, and red mulch. Mulch is a mixture of organic materials made into small chips. It may consist of small pieces of twigs, leaves, bark, needles, and flowers. You can place mulch around your plants and trees to keep them healthy all year long.

At John Guire, you can choose the color mulch that looks best with your landscape design, and we'll help you save money when you purchase mulch in bulk. We sell our bulk mulch in several color choices and will make sure that you are buying enough to provide the proper coverage for your entire space.  

What Are the Benefits of Mulch?

Mulch provides a number of essential functions in your yard. First, mulch holds in moisture, so it conserves water. It also protects the base of the plants from harm. Mulch in Monmouth County makes the landscape design appear finished, because when you place mulch on the soil, it increases the beauty of your yard. It also assists in reducing unwanted weeds. But most importantly, mulch adds a luxurious and unified appearance when you choose the color mulch that fits with the look of the home and the rest of the landscape design.

Choosing High-Quality Landscape Materials

Landscape professionals use a lot of mulch every year, and it pays to purchase mulch in bulk to save money. At John Guire Supply Co., we have been providing high-quality landscape materials to multiple industries for more than 120 years. We have the experience and expertise to handle all of your landscape needs, and we offer more than 40 fully stocked landscape bins for your immediate needs.

Our convenient New Jersey location has low 3.3125% sales tax on items that you purchase here at our store. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are here to help you choose the materials that you need to complete your projects. Contact us today or stop by to view our outdoor display of materials that we have available.

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