Transform Your Home and Create Your Own Unique Style with Our Drapery Accessories!


When it comes to custom drapery accessories and hardware, we carry an extensive selection. There is no challenge that we can’t meet, and offer multiple styles, designs, and looks for top window treatments and window coverings. We have been in the industry for a long time, and provide outstanding drapery accessories and hardware solutions for all types of installations. Whether you need brackets for ceiling mounting or inside mounting, or if you want an eclectic, contemporary, or class style, we can do it all.

The best part about our drapery accessories is that they are designed to meet every budget and need. They include innovative Euro Track hardware, hand-crafted wrought iron, and an extensive selection of drapery rods, rings, and finials. Our accessories are available in different styles, materials, and finishes, while we have different size ranges to meet the window requirements of all homes.

Your One-Stop Destination for Window Accessories


Creative Window Coverings, Inc. is the one-stop destination for window accessories, and offers homeowners the chance to adorn their draperies with world-class drapery accessories. The best thing about our collection of accessories is that our design consultants will work with you to create a unique window drapery that enhances your home aesthetics. Here are some of the accessories you can acquire to transform your home and create your own unique style for draperies and other window treatments:

Curtain Rods

We have different types of curtain rods to meet the different needs of every individual. You can choose from plain rods, combination rods, traverse rods, and tension rods for all types of curtains and draperies.


You will require rings to attach the rod to the drapery, but why keep things simple? There are different styles of rings available for curtains, and draperies that will make a statement.


You can check out our range of sconces that offer a formal look, and are decorative rod mounts that will enhance the look of any window treatment.


These are decorative pieces made from ceramics, stone, or iron, and are attached to drapery rods on the end. Check out our collection of finials.


You can give your drapery a classic look with tiebacks that will fasten or tie the drapery in an open position.


You can decorate your drapery and window treatment with rosettes, which are designed to be clipped onto the brackets on the curtain rod. They hide the bracket and provide more flair to the design.

Drapery Jewelry

We also house an extensive collection of drapery jewelry that can be dangled from the rods or attached to the fabric. You can also get custom designed drapery jewelry to make your window treatments and covering solutions stand out.