Brightwood Shutters

Brightwood Shutters use premium-quality hardwood timbers sourced sustainably. The mounting frames are made from Woodlore Plus robust frame and 100% premium hardwood panels. Impeccable attention to detail is paid when it comes to matching the color of both the panels and frames to create a high-quality finish for the shutters, enhanced by the painting extrusion polymer.

A characteristic feature of Brightwood shutters is that it uses specialized hardwood, making the panels lighter and allowing three to four panels to effortlessly hinge together. This creates the perfect solution for windows which are molded into unique shapes.

  • 100% hardwood panels and Woodlore frames result in increased value and affordability
  • Equipped with a hidden Easy Tilt drive option
  • Perfectly suited for wide windows with a single panel width up to 1066mm.
  • Ability to hinge together multiple panels creates innovative solutions for shaped windows
  • A selection of 27 colors and a custom color option
  • Available in five different louvre sizes from 47mm to 114mm