Experience The Rendition Of Pleated Drapes In Creative Window Coverings

Drapes are no longer a new concept. They are age long Victorian and Elizabethan idea. However, the creative window coverings have progressed with the age. They excited their customers with the rendition of traditional and custom pleated drapes.

Norman USA

Today’s trend

The present day lifestyle wants a lot of pleated materials. Thus, the companies too have developed a huge stock in pleated drapes.

The reasons behind this:

  • Pleated drapes looked bulkier and made the user feel that there are lot more curtains together.
  • It increases the gravity of the room and makes it look luxurious.
  • These pleated drapes also create a sense of space and make a realization that the window is too large.

A self-creation

It is no wonder you can also create these curtains at home. Try in making pleated drapes yourself.

  • They are not difficult, but you will need many curtains for this purpose.
  • You can try out a contrast of colors or else you can also take one particular color for the drape.
  • After collecting the adequate number of curtains, you need to stitch the lower and the upper ends for making pleated drapes.

Design your custom drapes

While making pleated drapes, you can even customize them with a tinge of similarity with your walls and your room’s setting. Hence, they can be called custom pleated drapes.