Norman Shutters

Outstanding Quality in Shutters Delivered Every Time with Norman Shutters!

When you are talking about high-quality shutters, you can never go wrong with Norman Shutters. They have been manufacturing hand-crafted furniture and shutters for windows, for a long time, and are the reason why we have maintained such high standards. There are a lot of options for shutters available in the market, but finding the right fit, size, and quality can be difficult.

At Creative Window Coverings, we have partnered with Norman, and have their entire collection. We can help create custom shutters for any room and window size. Here are some of the reasons you should always choose Norman shutters:

Reinforced engineered stiles
One of the main reasons you should choose Norman shutters is because they use multiple layers of wood and bond them together. This strengthens the stile core, and ensures that you get a lifetime of stability and durability.

Prescription wood conditioning®
Wooden shutters are prone to moisture, but with the prescription wood conditioning technology, you don’t have to worry about that. It features a unique drying process that reduces swelling and shrinking after installation.

Mortise and tenon joinery
The shutters will withstand years of racking forces and sheer stress due to the mortise and tenon joints that come with the shutters.

Quarter sawn louvers
You also get high-quality quarter sawn louvers, which have a tighter grain, and offers more resistance to warping, twisting, and cupping.

Recessed magnets
The embedded magnets in the shutters are well designed and won’t protrude, so there is no chance of any light leakage. This means you get a dependable system that offers complete privacy with tighter closure.

There isn’t any tilt rod, so the tilt louvers work smoothly like magic. You get a built-in gear driven system in every stile, and this allows the tilt louvers to provide precision tight control.

Superior finishing
The finishing on Norman shutters is superior to anything else on the market, due to their manufacturing process, which involves multiple finishing sequences and hand sanding. This provides a lustrous and richer finish, and offers extra durability, while being easy to clean.

Decorative accessories
You don’t have to worry about accessories, since the shutters come with decorative accessories like hinges, panel locks, and panel pulls in different finishes.

Limited lifetime warranty
The best thing about Norman Shutters and other window furnishings is that they are highly dependable, stylish, and high-quality. They are also covered by the best warranty in the industry.