Make a Difference in Your Home with High- Quality Normandy Shutters!

If you’re shopping for shutters, you should check out Normandy shutters, which have been crafted to perfection. We carry the entire collection of Normandy Shutters, and can create custom shutters for every homeowner in Southern California. If you’re not sure about Normandy shutters, here are some reasons why you should you get them. Perfectly crafted from Phoenix Wood®

Normandy® Shutters only work with top-notch quality wood that is acquired from managed forests so they get wood that is beautiful. Phoenix Wood® trees have wood with natural characteristics, and grow back in only 7 years, which makes Normandy® Shutters a champion of the environment as well. Here are some of the benefits that Phoenix Wood® offers:
  • Ultra-sustainable and harvested from renewing forests
  • Real hardwood from the “miracle” Paulownia tree
  • Provides exceptional durability and natural elegance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Can be made into curved and specialty angled shapes

The Phoenix Wood® Guarantee

The best part about Phoenix Wood® trees is that they provide consistent and rich wood characteristics that you won’t find anywhere else. The trees catch more carbon and therefore can regenerate from their stumps to be harvested again in 7 to 8 years.

Superior wood

Normandy® Shutters are made of superior quality composite wood, which is harvested from managed forests and has a polypropylene coating that allows easy stain removal and prevents moisture absorption. The best part is that it is immune to twisting, warping, and cupping.

Reinforced engineered stiles

The core of the stile has been reinforced with different layers of wood that have been bonded together, and this offers solid support to the shutter panels.

No sun damage

You get UV inhibitors that protect the shutters and your home from sun damage, color fading, and keeps out UV rays.

Perfect for any home

The great thing about Normandy® Shutters is that they are designed to match with any home décor. They are affordable and have durability, beauty, and quality finishing.

Lots of options

You don’t need to worry about trying to find the right shutters, because there are multiple stile options that can fit any window size. There are plenty of frames that can be inserted and installed to match any style or decorative look you want.

Easy installation and assembly

The shutters come with slotted keyholes, pre-mitered frames, and pre-installed hinges and magnets, so installing and assembling them on site is easy.

Personalization options

You can choose from various types of track systems, bay and corner window shutters, café styles, offset or hidden tilt rods, and even fixed louvers.