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Do you understand the types of Styrofoam that are applicable for crafting? Styrofoam is a brand name that houses various kinds of foams. Your choice of styrofoam sheets in Houston depends on the nature of its application. These are the most useful types for various crafting projects.


Styrofoam is excellent for household and craft projects. You probably used the material to mold a school project such as planet replicas and dioramas. It is also used as the foundation of floral arrangements because it has the flexibility to adopt an elegant shape and maintain a silky feel.

Fresh floral foam

The primary purpose of this foam is to wick moisture and keep the setup clean and dry. It has an incredibly soft feel and is available in various sizes and shapes. Double-check the website’s description or the package to ensure the label is for fresh floral foam.

Dry floral foam

This foam is complementary to floral arrangements that are green in color. You can get different names of this foam to represent the different brand names.


Styrofoam is useful for constructions because it offers a superior form of insulation. The standard and nonprofessional term of the material is blue boards. They insulate the house when placed on floors, pipes, walls, and all sorts of interiors. It offers insulation for a leakage into both the internal and external parts of the house by filtering out sound and moisture.   


Everyone has seen the packs of preservatives and containers at the bottom of the box. Styrofoam has a high level of padding and offers the best mode of protection to products that will undergo a rough shipment process. 

They are common in shipments of electronic products and expensive, fragile ware like imported glass. Packaging Styrofoam follows the mold of the product to offer maximum support.

Food industry

Despite the rising awareness to replace Styrofoam in the food industry, it is still prevalent in the creation of taking out containers. Extruded Styrofoam is ordinary in food packaging containers like trays, coolers, and beverage holders. 

It is widely popular because of its ability to maintain shape and offer proper insulation for both hot and cold foods and drinks. Another benefit is the reasonably low price, which makes it conducive for businesses that want to maintain the low prices of the packed meals.


It is essential to understand that Styrofoam is not the most environmentally friendly product. It takes a significant amount of time to break down and integrate with the soil. Dumping it in a landfill triggers the release of dangerous, styrene gas, which is detrimental to the human nervous system. 

Many recycling programs do not accept Styrofoam sheets in Houston because of the problematic recyclability. This setup leaves you with the natural option to repurpose the material within your home.

You can use its broken down pieces to make a peanut beanbag chair or a protective layer on top of the soil in the garden. Donating surplus pieces to the nearby craft shop gives them more prominent exposure to people who will find use in parts.


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