3 Shutter Maintenance Tips

Shutters are a unique way for you to upgrade your home design and interior decor. Not only do they conveniently and accurately allow you to manage the light levels in a room, but they also look very visually appealing.

Whether you already have shutters in your home and are looking for maintenance tips or are on the verge of buying shutters and want to understand what maintaining them will look like, this is the blog for you.

People have the misconception that maintaining shutters entails excessive cleaning and vacuuming, but shutters are the most simple, creative window covers to keep hygienic and looking good.

This blog will give the best shutter maintenance tips for longevity.

1. Get the Appropriate Tools for Shutter Maintenance

Much like every other item in your home, shutters will eventually attract and accumulate dust particles. However, if you stay on top of your maintenance regimen, you’ll never have to deal with too much dust, and your shutters will last a long time.

You can invest in special shutter cleaners, feather dusters, dry cloths, and more cleaning equipment. You should avoid getting your shutters wet.

2. Clean Up The Stains Fast

If your shutters ever get stained, you can clean them up the same way you would another item in your home. You can even look into waterproof shutter options to make stain removal painless. Additionally, you can vacuum stains on your shutter away.

3. Polish Your Shutter’s Hinges

Once in a while, you should also clean up your shutter’s hinges. Checking and polishing your hinges 2-3 times per year is sufficient to maintain them for many years.

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