Woodbury Shutters

Transform Your Home with Woodbury Shutters by Creative Window Coverings!

Creative Window Coverings, Inc. only work with the best brands, and we have got massive variety in all our window treatments and coverings. One of the leading names when it comes to shutters is Woodbury®, which uses advanced manufacturing methods, and the best wood to create their shutters.

Inspired Design Next-Level Performance

Woodbury® is well known for their legendary style in shutters, which provide enhanced protection with their ABS polymer. Their shutters come with improved UV inhibiting finish and waterproofing, making them ideal for homes in Southern California. There is no shortage of options, since there are stunning, and exquisite shutters created with advanced technology, which can withstand condensation and humidity as well. Here are some of the features you get with Woodbury® shutters:

  • FAdvanced Aquashield™ waterproofing comes standard
  • Expanded color palette with gallery of whites and off-whites
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Resists moisture, shrinking and warping
  • Wide-panel ready up to 36″ across for unobstructed outside views
  • Won’t chip or crack over time
  • C Won’t stain; easy to clean

The inspired designs of the shutters, and superior finishing and durability means that you can never go wrong with Woodbury® shutters. They are formulated for strength involving advanced thermoplastic material that is resilient and durable.

Standout Features of Woodbury Shutters

You may be wondering what is so special about Woodbury shutters, and how they can improve the living standards in your home. To address your concerns, checkout the standout features offered with all types of Woodbury shutters

High-quality wood used
All composite wood used in making Woodlore Shutters is harvested from managed forests and come with polypropylene coating, which allows easier stain removal and moisture absorption.

Reinforced engineered stilesThese shutters are of the highest quality, since they come with reinforced engineered stiles with complete bonding and solid support for shutter panels.

No sun damage
You don’t have to worry about any sun damage in your home, since the shutters come with UV inhibitors that keep out UV rays and prevent color fading.

Perfect for any home
You don’t have to worry about matching the shutters with your home, since there are lots of designs in Woodbury shutters that will match your home décor.

Lots of options
The extensive range of options in shutters ensure that you will find different stile options for every window size.

Easy installation and assembly
You can easily install and assemble the shutters, since they come with pre-installed magnets and hinges, pre-mitered frames, and slotted keyholes.

Personalization options
Make your Woodbury shutters standout by personalizing them in any way. You can choose to get different fixed louvers, hidden or offset tilt rods, café styles, or corner and bay window shutters.