Our Woodlore Plus™ shutters are made with high-quality co-polymer materials, featuring high-end technology used in helmets and auto parts. The shutters have added resistance to elements and come with enhanced style options that make Woodlore Plus™ versatile for all types of interiors, including bathrooms and kitchens. Here are some of the standout reasons why these shutters are the best option for your home in Southern California:

  • Industry leading color-fastness
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Resists moisture, shrinking and warping
  • Wide-panel ready up to 36″ across for unobstructed outside views
  • Won’t chip or crack over time
  • Won’t stain; easy to clean

The best thing about the Woodlore Plus™ shutters is that they affordable, high-quality, and come with a lot of benefits and features, some of which include:

Modern convenience

Woodlore Plus™ are crafted to perfection by combining durable ABS louvers with wood composite frames. They also get superior finishing with a polypropylene coating that allows easy stain removal, and absorbs moisture. The ABS co-polymer louvers are stable, and prevent twisting, warping or cupping.

36” wide single panel for enhanced view

The 36” wide single panels are perfect for homes, and provide you with improved views.

Reinforced engineered stiles

The stiles are highly durable, since they are reinforced with different layers of bonded wood, and therefore they get a strong support system for the panels.

UV inhibitor technology

This ensures that the shutters keep out harmful UV rays, prevent sun damage and color fading.

Lots of options

You don’t need to worry about trying to find the right shutters, because there are multiple stile options that can fit any window size. There are plenty of frames that can be inserted and installed to match any style or decorative look you want.

Easy installation and assembly

The shutters come with slotted keyholes, pre-mitered frames, and pre-installed hinges and magnets, so installing and assembling them on site is easy.

Personalization options

You can choose from various types of track systems, bay and corner window shutters, café styles, offset or hidden tilt rods, and even fixed louvers.